Agreement for Host Family

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Homestay Agreement

I am applying to host a foreign student enrolled through Julianne studio. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have adequate personal liability and household property insurance. I also understand that the homestay fee is payable to me by the student each month. By accepting a student into my home, I agree to abide by the following:

  1. I will not ask students to move out without giving a minimum 30 day notice. Students have the right to ask to move out without paying additional rent prior to and on the fourth day of arrival. Later on, students would be responsible of giving 30 day notice ahead to prevent any additional rent calculated by days. If the host family fails to comply with the terms below, students have the right to move out without any penalty.
  2. The content of the homestay info form is true and I am responsible to update it spontaneously.
  3. After I receive the booking confirmation for students, I will take responsibility for hosting students and will not cancel the booking after confirmation.
  4. I will not raise the homestay fees after the booking confirmation email for students.
  5. I will review household rules and expectations promptly upon the arrival of the student.
  6. Any family members who have been found guilty of an offence relating to a sexual nature against any person or an offence involving the use of alcohol or drugs, violence or the sale of drugs, may be disqualified.
  7. I will not change fees or charge any fee without prior notice
  8. I will contact the coordinator immediately should significant problems with the student arise. Such problems might include failure to attend school or emotional issues.
  9. I will act as a judicious, caring parent and regard the student(s) under my care as a family member.
  10. I understand that violating any of the above rules may disqualify me from providing homestay accommodations in the future and may cause legal complications.


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